Dear Friends of Roseland Cemetery,

Let us introduce ourselves :

Our names are Bill and Gwen Gazaway (both in our 70’s). We represent a group of
volunteers who are trying to clean up and restore the old abandoned cemetery named
Roseland Cemetery.  Roseland Cemetery is located on Cleveland Avenue in S. W. Atlanta
(Just east of the East Point city limits) on the north side of the street, just to the west and
right next to Interstate 85 freeway (south-bound exit ramp).
In it’s day Roseland Cemetery was a stately and beautiful resting-place for loved ones of
all religious backgrounds. Many people who were from the Tri-City area (East Point, College
Park, and  Hapeville) and Atlanta are buried there.  Years ago it was abandoned by whoever
owned it and the Co. was apparently dissolved, and so there is no owner.  Over the years it
grew up in weeds and trees came up through the graves.  It has been used by uncaring
people as a dumping ground, and was in deplorable shape!  The state of this cemetery was
a shame and a disgrace.  During the years, we, and other families cleaned off their loved
ones graves, but were saddened as the cemetery as a whole became worse and worse.  We
are now trying to clean up and restore the entire cemetery to its former beauty and
grandeur, but we really need much help from the families and/or friends of the deceased, or
anyone who is interested in helping us to restore this resting place to its former state of
dignity and stateliness. We want to make it a place to be proud of again !

Therefore, we are asking for, and would appreciate, very much, any help that you, and/or
anyone can give us, physically, and/or financially.  We and many other volunteers have
worked very hard, and have cleaned up much of it, but there is SO much more to do that it is
almost overwhelming!  We have had to hire help, and the right kind of equipment to cut and
clean up.  Though we have had good contributions that have helped, we also realize that
many descendants of families buried there probably also have died.  Any help that any of
you can give us on this project would be greatly appreciated more than you could know!   
There are many things that most anyone can do; like mowing an area, spraying weeds,
vines, Poison Ivy, etc.  We need help cutting the trees off of graves, hoeing around the
tombstones, cleaning the tombstones, or just walking around picking up trash & old flowers.
– Any- thing that you can do will help to clean up Roseland,  and make it beautiful again !   
     You may reach us at 770-502-9266 (Please leave a message with your name &
address &/or phone number) for more information concerning this act of love. - And you may
also contact us by email to:      If you can help us financially, any
donations to our efforts may be made payable to, and mailed to:   “Roseland Cemetery
Volunteers Association, Inc.”, and mailed to that same name,   P. O. Box 25, Newnan, GA
30264. (A non-profit organization established for the restoration of Roseland).  Any help will
be greatly appreciated and put to very good use toward cleaning up the whole cemetery.
We also have regular work outings, usually on Saturdays (but you can also go at your  
own convenience), and all we volunteers will appreciate any help that anyone can give us in
any way !
Thanking you in advance for anything you do for us !     
God bless you.

Gwen & Bill Gazaway (For all the Roseland Cemetery volunteer group)